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Square Payments in New Orleans during the Super Bowl

At Square I've primarily been working on internal tools and explorations of potential new customer-facing features. This week it was nice to change focus and collaborate with Faryl Ury from our communications team to put together some maps and summary stats about the effect of the Super Bowl on Square payments in New Orleans.

Here's the main image, produced with TileMill from the good folks at MapBox:

Square activity in New Orleans on Super Bowl weekend

Square activity in New Orleans on Super Bowl weekend

Ritchie King did a great job summarising our explorations over on Quartz, the new-ish business blog from Atlantic Media. Lucky for Square, two of their obsessions are mobile web and digital money, so I imagine they'll be watching us closely!


Yesterday we announced the closing of Bloom Studio, Inc. A little bittersweet but not an unlikely outcome for a start-up like ours.

We tried a lot of things out, had a popular hit with Planetary and a thoughtful flop with Biologic, and gathered data and wisdom about how the world responds to highly graphical/interactive environments for exploring everyday information. Stubbornly, of course, I still believe there's something there, but unfotunately there's not enough there to keep Bloom going today. If you're thinking about trying something similar then do drop me a line, I'd be happy to talk through what worked and what didn't.

In more upbeat news, I started a new job as a Data Visualization Engineer at Square! I'll have more to say about that as it progresses, but for now I'm content to soak it up and get to know how everything works.

As Bloom wound down I was fortunate enough to have the time to explore several different opportunities in depth and learn a lot about different approaches to building teams, companies and products. In some ways it was the first time I've ever felt part of a job market so I tried to take full advantage of that. It's a very good problem to have, but making a final choice was difficult.

It was tempting to take what I learned from Bloom and help build another company from scratch, or to return to my consulting/agency comfort zone, or to find a small company of friends where I would have immediate impact. In the end I've chosen the role where I think I have the most to learn, where I'll have a chance to apply myself differently, and get to know a kind of team, vision, scale (400+ people) and trajectory (new office, new markets) that I've never experienced before.