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Curling is Project Management

Curling is unexpectedly popular again. We're measuring this.

Continuing a four and half year old seed of thought that Matt Webb planted about sporting metaphors, I'm imagining that Curling is project management:

I was going to labour this point a little bit, but wikipedia sums it up nicely. In Curling, "two sweepers with brooms or brushes accompany each stone and use stopwatches and their best judgment, along with direction from their teammates, to help direct the stones to their resting place, but without touching the stones."

And now back to measuring things.


Good spot!

On a related note I’ve become convinced that casual games are played in order to win at whatever life situation you find yourself in. For instance, I was a Drop7 addict when work was shaped like that. Today it’s more Peggle. I have had days when the only way to wind down in the evening (and practice the metamoves for the day ahead) is to play Canabalt. I’m sure, back in the day, I could pass a happy hour on Tonepad, but no longer.

Posted by Matt Webb on 23 February 2010 @ 12am

In what sort of life situation am I mired, if my wind down is a free-form game like old school D&D or Mafia?

Posted by beng on 23 February 2010 @ 10am

… and of course, like so much in life, you have one slippery and one grippy shoe.

Posted by dave funkypancake on 23 February 2010 @ 10pm

Good point! it’s always interesting what kinds of metaphors here are out there for project management. i think this one is my favorite :)

Posted by Dana on 24 February 2010 @ 6am

I love these metaphors relating everything to Project Management, but who’s the Project Manager in curling? It seems to me like it’s a Scrum project, where there is no “real project management”.

Here’s a similar article on running and project management, written by Ed Hammerbeck.

Posted by PM Hut on 24 February 2010 @ 7am

I agree somewhat with PM Hut.

Seems to me that what you’re really saying is that Curling is a project. Perhaps the sweepers are the project managers. Your first point screams project manager, but your second says account manager or agency or possibly just project team.

I’m down with the idea, however–I think everything can be a project, and all management is project management.

Posted by Bikeboy389 on 24 February 2010 @ 9am

Yes Bikeboy, I totally agree that everything can be a project, and is. The trick to breaking anything down to be a project is to understand that the Execution Phase must be preceded by two levels of planning, concept/feasibility and then detailed scheduling. The person that manages the process of curling is the Project Manager. I would think in this case, the captain of the team.

Posted by Mark Reed on 25 February 2010 @ 12pm