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Processing implemented in Javascript

John Resig, of JQuery fame, has ported the Processing language and API to javascript. Not just the API, the language too!


Incredibly cool! Flash -y stuff without the Flash.

Posted by Ben on 9 May 2008 @ 3am

OK, since you’re my go-to chap on Processing - how useful is this really? (Not debating the coolness)

Posted by Yoz on 9 May 2008 @ 9am

The language? Not so much. The API? Awesome. I’d tempted to try writing Digg Labs-like things for Firefox using this. Procedural APIs just make so much more sense to me for certain things, compared to hacking at things like SVG. And I’d rather use the Processing API than the raw Canvas one for prototyping, for the same reasons I’d rather use Processing than Java2d.

Posted by TomC on 12 May 2008 @ 8pm