W(e are )here: Mapping The Human Experience

14th April 2008 @ 11:49 am
Eric in Minnesota

Eric is in Minneapolis at the moment talking about our work at the University of Minnesota. The talk has been in the works for a while but nicely coincides with W(e are )here, and exhibition we're participating in organised by Solutions Twin Cities.

W(e are )here: Flier

We've prepared a special version of Trulia Hindsight for the show, using the experimental version of Modest Maps I made for Processing in February and animating data for around 1 million homes using OpenGL. We're not ready to distribute the data to a wider audience yet, but here's an example animation from the application:

Trulia Hindsight - Twin Cities Edition from Stamen on Vimeo.

Thanks to Jamie from Trulia for getting us the data we needed to present Trulia Hindsight in this way.