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Stamen ‘07

Eric just posted a review of what we got up to at Stamen in 2007. My second Thanksgiving at the end of November 2007 marked the end of my first year in San Francisco; 2 months after that it still feels new, fresh and exciting.

The variety of projects and clients at Stamen over the last year or so has been extremely satisfying. I probably won't get a chance to write them up thoroughly for myself, but I'm proud to have had a hand (large or small) in all the projects Eric wrote up (and several more besides!).

Here's to 2008!


Just want to say a big thanks for Modest Maps. I see that Eric gave it a brief shout out in the summary review. I teach at the Art Institute here in San Diego, and spent a class introducing the library (the AS3 version anyway) to my students for some mapping projects. Any chance the AS3 version will make it out of SVN soon?

Either way, I’m looking forward to your workshop at ETech here in March.

Posted by Sean Voisen on 26 January 2008 @ 2am

Hi Sean - Modest Maps made it out of svn TODAY!

Official Version 1.0 is here:

And full credits are at http://modestmaps.com/ naturally :)

Posted by TomC on 26 January 2008 @ 4am