Proof that narrative is hard: A 3 month Flickr summary

24th December 2007 @ 9:08 pm
(I started posting to Flickr again, after almost a year without photos. Lots of these shots are thanks to Ben's magic powers, the convertible dérive.)

One or two dinners and brunches at Suppenkuche:

Dark Aaron, Kellan

One or two games of Settlers of Catan:


One or two nouns too many:


Artists messing with tissue cultures:

Machine Project

The canals of Venice, Los Angeles:


Downtown Los Angeles, from afar:

Downtown, Los Angeles - No really!

A Korean Temple on a coastal hilltop:


The port that sustains the sprawl:


And the cranes that keep it moving:

Aw, there's a good crane, good boy! "Ruff!"

Meanwhile, I learned a language that nobody knows:

I know Shoes

But not the one that this city prefers:


Reflections on their reflections:


Bill Clinton has a library:

Bill Clinton’s Library

The Northern Irish peace process has a chess set:

Tony Blair and Queen Elizabeth chess pieces

Hillary wanted to be a nuclear scientist:

Hillary wanted to be a teacher, or a nuclear physics scientist

Bill wanted to be a cowboy:

Billy Clinton’s High Noon

People have a very different attitude to animals than I do (part I):

Trophies 3.0

People have a very different attitude to animals than I do (part II):

Boxer Puppies!

San Francisco has secret pockets...

Concrete Beach

... full of junk:

Building Resources

And views!

Bernal Hill

But fog! And palm trees!

Fog / Palm Trees / Classic

I have seen a Hitler teapot:

OMG Hitler Teapot.

Having palm trees outside the studio still stuns me:

16th & MIssion

As does the radical change in building style, one hour away:

Isleton, CA

I have seen the Bay Bridge from a funny angle (part I):

Bay Bridge

I have seen the Bay Bridge from a funny angle (part II):

Bay Bridge Construction

That fog again, a curious accent:

Sky Palace

A curious contrast:

Sky Palace Slunch

And in between colours:

Blue Shadows

Now live music is rare:

Battles The Band

But epic:

Battles The Band

The transport is suprisingly European:

Lemon Tram

Meanwhile, brief returns to London take me straight in at the top:

View from One Churchill Place