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Processing Blogs Fixed

If you're reading this on Processing Blogs, or via its feed, then everything should be fixed. For some reason, Feedwordpress just stopped working and wouldn't re-subscribe to lots of the feeds that were previously fine.

Feeds are now being grabbed robustly by Planet and merely massaged by Feedwordpress. Here's the current list:

Please do let me know if I'm syndicating too much or too little, and especially if I'm missing people or if I'm syndicating your blog and you don't want me to. Otherwise, the site should run itself for a while.


Hi Tom,
there are lot processing made videos on vimeo. Maybe you can add the feed (http://www.vimeo.com/tag:processing/rss)

Posted by Andreas on 6 September 2007 @ 8am

Great idea! Done.

Posted by TomC on 6 September 2007 @ 9am

Hey Tom.

Great work.

However, that’s definitely too much for the abstractmachine website, because I sometimes blab on about very un-processing things, narcissitic navelgazings, articles for my students, and various random diatribes. The better feed is:


Posted by Douglas Edric Stanley on 6 September 2007 @ 10pm

Thanks Douglas, that’s the thing that got lost. I know who was subscribed, but not what feeds :(

I’ll make that change shortly.

Posted by TomC on 6 September 2007 @ 11pm

Hi Tom

i have set up a rather new blog at http://www.infostuka.org and occasionally publish processing related stuff, maybe you like to add this feed: http://www.infostuka.org/feed/processing.org/atom.xml


Posted by Marcus Wendt on 7 September 2007 @ 12pm


Posted by lartacquill on 23 September 2007 @ 8am