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Neologism of the Day: Overflowded

I joined up with many British ex-pats at Adaptive Path yesterday evening for Schulze & Webb's The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Interaction Design. Suffice to say, the talk was excellent and thoroughly enjoyable.

In the Q&A session at the end I was delighted to hear a slip of the tongue from one questioner*, asking about Continuous Partial Attention: he wondered whether there wasn't a risk of being overflowded with information. OVERFLOWDED? That's lovely!

Coming a close second for me, but first for Yoz, was uncertainun. It was a good word day.

Update:  It was Reto Laemmler of Xcellery, who writes "I'm not a Poet or Writer and rather a Swiss guy who hasn't mastered English very well yet."  No matter! I hope the road to mastering English is paved with words like overflowded.

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Thanks for promoting me as the neologist (I just learnt a new word) of the day. :-)


Posted by Reto Laemmler on 1 February 2007 @ 9am