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Home, kind of…

I'm back from the U.S.

Photos of the trip are up on Flickr (along with photos from the UCL Waiting Workshop and Futuresonic 10) and loosely grouped into sets.

What a trip - it's taking me a little while to adjust back to London life though.  Not just the jetlag, but also the fact that I moved house just before I left and I'm still living out of boxes and bags until I get furniture organised.  Once broadband is up and running I'll try and flesh out my thoughts on Chicago, New York, Boston and the U.S. in general.

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Hey Tom,

Someone pointed me towards your “Flickr Rainbow”
as an example for how to download Flickr images with Processing.

Unfortunately, it no longer seems to work, so I am hoping I might persuade you
to do a small update to get it working again.

When I download the source I find it was written for Processing (ALPHA).
Even when I update a few things (BImage -> PImage, online() -> online)
Processing 0115 still complains about some functions being missing (e.g., replicate)
and some objects undefined (e.g., XMLElement).

I also don’t know if I need to download other Libraries that are required to make your program work (Flickr API? Flickrj?, simple XML parser?)

Any advice, help, or suggestions would be much appreciated.


David Jones

Posted by David Jones on 4 September 2006 @ 10pm