Ask Later #1

26th July 2006 @ 10:13 am
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Last night was our first technology-themed 20x20 talk night (20 slides, 20 seconds each).  Well done to Steve for getting it off the ground by organising the room and presiding over the slide collecting.  The final line-up was as follows: As we waited for people to arrive, Paul Mison played a bit of live Electroplankton on his Nintendo DS on the big screen, which worked really well (naturally, since it's designed for performance).  I think we had about 30-40 people, plus speakers, and hopefully people enjoyed it enough that they'll come along again.  We'll be starting a mailing list soon, so leave a comment here if you'd like to be notified when it's ready.

NB:- though originally publicised as Techa Kucha Night, we changed the name to Ask Later.