The Personal Touch #1

17th July 2006 @ 12:08 pm
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Paul Marshall makes beautiful music and sings beautiful songs.  I ordered his CD and he hand wrote a little note to go with it letting me know when he'd next be playing London and what he was up to at the moment.  Nice!

One half of Paul's album is by Tascam Tapes, who also makes beautiful music and sings beautiful songs, alone and with her band The Minor Fall.

Browsing all these connections again on myspace is a little strange, because I never remember where I find these things. It turns out they all have releases on Seduction Records alongside a band called Whores Whores Whores who my brother has done a bit of PR for recently.  And then I find my brother's band recommending Paul Marshall to Marsha from XFM as a response to her podcast where she recommends them, and it's all neatly tied together.