London Techa Kucha Night, 25th July

10th July 2006 @ 6:19 pm
London, Pecha-Kucha, Events, Talks, Techa-Kucha and weblog
Enterprising chap that he is, Steve has booked a room at London Westminster University for what he's dubbed "Techa Kucha Night", a night of technology themed talks in the Pecha Kucha style* on Tuesday 25th July at 7pm.  Entry is free, which is a bonus.

See Steve's post for more details, and please consider volunteering to give a talk (you'll be in illustrious company) as well as coming along and enjoying the fun.  It should be a good night with a wide range of topics: basically, anything goes!

* that's 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide, no more no less. A strict version of a lightning talk, if you will.

NB:- though originally publicised as Techa Kucha Night, we changed the name to Ask Later.