Merged Weblog and P5 Sketchbook

9th July 2006 @ 2:33 pm
Processing, weblog and Meta
I've moved my blogs over to Wordpress, merged my Processing sketchbook with my regular weblog Random Etc. and dropped everything down to the homepage of for simplicity.

Your feed reader should pick up the changes automatically, and your browser should be redirected. I've done my best not to break any permalinks - fingers crossed!

If you're only interested in my Processing stuff (previously TomC's Processing Sketchbook) then you should stay subscribed to the Processing category feed, but you might want to switch to the full feed for more variety.

Please email me or add a comment if something you're looking for is no longer working and I'll do my best to fix it - thanks!

Next up, a customised less bloggy front page template, and more content...