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Tube Travel Contours

A variation on the tube map time travel applet, this version maintains the geographical layout but adds contours to show how long it takes to travel between stations. The contouring method isn't quite right (I should have used 1D textures), but it's good enough to experiment with.

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[...] A while ago I discovered a great reworking of the London Tube map by Orkar Karlin, which displayed visually the time to travel from place to place. This is a great concept, because for Londoners travelling on the Underground, nearness is about how long it takes to get somewere, not how far away it is, and all Londoners know there’s not a lot of correlation between the two.(Of course, the standard topological tube map doesn’t tell how far away things are, or even where they are - only how to get there).Today I found a couple of elegant interactive versions, by Tom Carden, which enable you to choose a start point and view travel times from there in different ways. [...]

Posted by London Underground maps - nicknettleton.com on 11 July 2006 @ 1am