Build a Better Bloglines

20th February 2006 @ 12:09 pm
Ideas and Bloglines
Sometimes Bloglines seems evil. And it does things that aren't super smart. And the social aspects of it are minimal at best. (My recommendations didn't change for months, but I add new feeds all the time. It still thinks I want to subscribe to Dilbert. It's wrong.)

All I really want is to keep track of which things I've read, across multiple machines. Bloglines is actually pretty good at that. But I don't need to use the same feed reader as thousands of other people. It would still be nice to see recommendations from friends, and a higher level view of what's going on. I'd like to see the best bits of reBlog,, Digg and Technorati in the next generation of online feed readers. I'd like a Flickr style privacy model, with a friends/family level, a contacts level, personal items, and a bunch of "public if you look for it" things for everyone else.

I'm imagining a feed-reading web-app for small groups (2 – 150 people?, roughly):

For bonus points: Who's building this? Is this where someone tells me Bloglines already does half of this stuff?