What a difference a digg makes

6th January 2006 @ 5:15 pm
Processing, Meta and Digg
My tube map is getting so much attention it brought the server to a crawl*, thanks to links from Digg.com and Spiegel.de.

Digg seems to be living up to its reputation as a cross between metafilter and slashdot - good content bubbles up very often, but the comments are overwhelmingly inane and the hastiness to declare a link a dupe gets in the way of actually looking at it. One user claimed to have seen my tube map a month ago, which is impossible since it only barely went live a week ago. Of course, they were mixing me up with Oskar Karlin's map, but they could have found that out by reading my applet page for 30 seconds or so.

Interestingly, Digg also seems to be sending roughly ten times as much traffic per digg than del.icio.us sends per bookmark, but perhaps that's a network effect which comes into play once you hit the front page?

*Big thanks to Mikel Maron for mirroring it in the meantime.