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Travel Time Tube Map

I've finally had time to get my Travel Time Tube Map applet to a presentable stage.

Here are a couple of screen shots to compare with Oskar and Rod.

There's a list of desired improvements on the applet page, but the next step for me is plotting this information on the Harry Beck style diagram rather than a geographic map. If anyone knows of a vector format tube map I could use to get me started, please let me know.


Won’t Illustrator or similar open the PDF files that TfL provide? Another alternative is asking Cal - he created http://www.iamcal.com/misc/londonmap/ , but I can’t get at the SVG at the moment.Very nice, btw. Can you add in train and bus routes too? ;)

Posted by Chris on 9 July 2006 @ 9am

Ah, good thinking. Unfortunately I don’t have Illustrator…I seem to be bothering Cal for lots of things recently - I notice that londonbloggers provides x and y coordinates for stations in an RDF feed though. That might do for a first pass.Train and bus routes would be lovely, I suspect I’d need a very generous friend at TfL to get my hands on the entire Journey Planner database though :)

Posted by Tom Carden on 9 July 2006 @ 9am

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