Animated GPS Map

9th November 2005 @ 1:27 pm
Processing, Visualisation, Meta, OpenStreetMap, GPS, Processing-Blogs, eCourier and Animation
As part of the OpenStreetMap project, last month Steve Coast and I produced an A1 poster showing all the data we'd collected for London.

The biggest contributor to OpenStreetMap's UK data is an innovative courier firm called eCourier, and by way of thanks for their continuing commitment to the project I cooked up a movie of a sample of their data using Processing. Thankfully for me and my bandwidth, eCourier are kindly hosting it here for your enjoyment.

You can read more about our collaboration on their news page, and on the OpenStreetMap wiki.

Still wrestling with Feedwordpress here at Processing Blogs HQ. We're upgraded to 0.97, but something still strips links and images from Blogger feeds with mode="escaped" and I can't work out what it is. Much love and prizes to anyone who can spot the problem.