Testing Posting Code

5th October 2005 @ 9:49 pm
Processing, Meta, Processing-Blogs and Code
Just wondering how the <code> tag works in html with Blogger.

// nothing to see here, just pretending that I've posted some code

for (int i = 0; i println("nothing to see here"); }

Does that work? Who knows? I bet it breaks Processing Blogs, but then so does posting images to this blog, for some reason. What's a blogger to do?

on edit: surprisingly seems to work as long as you stay in "edit html" and don't flick into compose or preview. Seems well padded with this style sheet though, so no need for leading or trailing line breaks in the code.

on second edit: Oh, and indenting doesn't show up, but at least it wraps long lines. Can't ask for everything!

on aggregation: Seems I was right - though it works on the page itself, it doesn't seem to get picked up by Bloglines or my Processing Blogs aggregator. Looks like it's missing from the atom feed entirely... I think I'll post a bug.