Another Shameless Plug for DARTZ!

4th October 2005 @ 5:50 pm
Music and DARTZ!
My brother's band DARTZ! have been mentioned here before, but I'm quite excited about them again because this weekend they're playing in London for the first time. Your presence is requested at the Camden Barfly on Saturday 8th October for a Best of In the City gig, comprising a line up selected from last weekend's music industry event in Manchester.

If you haven't heard them you should have a listen on their myspace or purevolume pages. If you like what you hear, you could do worse than buying their song Once! Twice! Again! from iTunes, and if you're really keen they have an EP out on Fake Dreams records soon.

DARTZ! have also been recently profiled in the Northeast's local paper, The Evening Gazette, and maintain a continuous buzz on BBC Tees. Reviews of their Manchester shows can be found here and here if you'd like to know what to expect.