10th April 2005 @ 3:08 pm
London, Music, Photos and Tigermoth
My friends Tigermoth are playing this Tuesday at Club Fandango at the Dublin Castle, Camden, London. They're ramping up to their first single launch, and you can hear samples of their music on their myspace page.

Also playing are Amusement Parks on Fire, who I hear very good things about. If that sounds like your kind of thing, perhaps I'll see you there?

I must confess that one reason I like to see Tigermoth is that they bring out the best of my inner rock photographer. Here's a selection of Tigermoth images from my Flickr page to whet your appetites:

Tigermoth @ Pleasure Unit

Tigermoth @ Borderline, London

Tigermoth @ Infinity, Mayfair, 19th August 2004

Tigermoth @ Flook, LSE, 8th September 2004