Shared Wisdom & Experience

7th December 2004 @ 3:08 pm
There are so many things in life which only come naturally through expeience, so it's great to see people collecting and sharing those experiences to help us keep moving forward.

Over at rodcorp (one my my favourite weblogs), Rod is presenting how we work, a fascinating collection of insights into how people get things done. It features examples from authors, writers, critics, composers, artists, academics and designers, amongst others. Some of the ideas are clever and inspirational, but some are to be avoided, yet others should probably be tried right now.

Elsewhere in the world of wisdom-ripe-for-the-borrowing is this marvellous collection of self-selected eponymous laws collected from some of the world's biggest thinkers in answer to the question "What's Your Law?".

There's a holiday season business opportunity here I'm sure. Little Book of How We Work and Little Book of Laws, anyone?