Destination: Whipping Trees

24th November 2004 @ 1:04 am
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This year I was privileged to have some of my work accepted into the architecture section of London's Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

The piece, "Destinations", shows a day's worth of simulated passenger movements across an airport check-in concourse, rendered in a slightly smoky way (at least that was the intention). The actual piece was approximately 90cm long.

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Whilst browsing the exhibition, I had a real shivers-down-the-spine moment, when I came across some sketches by David Nash of his sculpture, Ash Dome.

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The sketches were eerily reminiscent of a VRML project I completed late last year called Whipping Trees:

(You can view the interactive version here, it requires Cortona on the PC, I don't know if it runs on a Mac.)

It turns out Nash was over 20 years earlier than I was, and his work actually exists in full-size real-life (lick-it-it-tastes-like-a-snozzberry) physical form too (Annely Juda Fine Art has images, but don't allow deep links, tsk). I have resolved to visit it at some point soon, and to send him an image of my project.