A Brief History Of Me

3rd September 2004 @ 3:05 pm
Visualisation, Graphics, Images, 3D, Me, Social-Networks, Trees, Simulation and Robots
For any readers who don't know me, here is a brief overview of some of the things I have been involved with recently.

Non-realistic Rendering In Immersive Environments

A non-photorealistic rendering of an Indian temple Is there an 'uncanny valley' for rendering quality? For our EngD group project, Sheep Dalton (Ovinity), Monica Martini (Martini Architects), Sean Varney (Soho Cyberscan / Framestore CFC) and I built a model of an Indian Temple and a non-photorealistic OpenGL rendering engine for use in desktop and immersive VR systems.

Social Network Visualisation

A visualisation of an alumni network A social network visualisation for the students, alumni and staff who have been involved with the MSc Virtual Environments in the Bartlett (UCL's architecture school).

Algorithmic Art

Algorithmic Art, using the Processing environment A series of pixel-exposure techniques using the Processing environment.

Virtual Trees

Whipping Trees, a VRML Project Whipping trees, a VRML world and a study in dynamic growth, responsive form and emergent spaces. Completed as part of Methods of Synthetic Construction 1. You can view all our VRML coursework on the course website. This work was significant for me because it involved taking what were effectively several small sketches (pieces of code) and combining them into a single piece of work, with a narrative and a sense of cohesion.

2D Robot Simulation

Bio-Inspired Evolutionary Agent Simulation Toolkit At Leeds University, I started the development of a Bio-inspired Evolutionary Agent Simulation Toolkit, a project initiated by Seth Bullock and ably continued by David Gordon (now of Framestore CFC). Whilst I was there, I also took part in a Bio-inspired Computing reading group, worked on an interface for playing poker against evolved neural-network players, and investigated the possibility of doing image processing with artificial life.