Turning Architects into Programmers III

1st September 2004 @ 10:18 pm
Bartlett, Software, Programming, Architecture, Teaching and Space-Syntax
I need to find out how 'out there' Christopher Alexander was when he started talking about architecture in terms of graph theory (trees and lattices) in his famous paper A City is not a Tree. I know that my colleagues who carry out Space Syntax research in the VR Group at the Bartlett use graph theory heavily in their work, but if I talk to a group of recently trained architects, how many of them will know anything at all about this kind of analysis? If they already have a grasp of it, then it seems to be an ideal spring-board into talking about that classic of software engineering topics, algorithms and data structures. If not, then is it helpful or distracting to talk about both topics at the same time?

NB:- I'm currently only planning an hour long lecture under this heading, so to cover any of this stuff in serious detail will be impossible. I'm still interested in answering this kind of question anyway.